Flag Football

The Turkey Toss

The turkey toss is a popular event at the Walter Jones' Turkey Bowl. Competitors are give a chance to see how far they can toss a frozen turkey, with the winners from each category taking home a prize. Categories are men, women, and children.

The Flag Football Tournament

The Flag Football tournament is our signature event. Teams compete on multiple fields with the semi-finalists making it to the championship game at Milton Frank Stadium. To the winners go the spoils, including a trophy and other prizes, but all involved are supporting an excellent cause.

Tournament play will consist of a 7-on-7 format with 4 players beginning each play on the line of scrimmage (they do not have to be linemen – receivers lined up on the line of scrimmage are counted).

Walter Jones’ Turkey Bowl will use Collegiate Intramural Flag Football rules to govern the tournament. This is a no-contact sport and will be officiated as such. If you are unfamiliar with Collegiate Intramural Flag Football rules, please CLICK HERE to download and review the rule book.

Flag Football

Punt, Pass, and Kick

The Punt, Pass, and Kick competition takes place on the first day of the Turkey Bowl at Milton Frank Stadium. Kids who are 15 and under will have the opportunity to punt, pass, and kick a football three times each. We will then add the length of their best punt, pass, and kick for a total score.